• get - Offer list
  • get - Retrieve offer


    "categories": [
    "categories_details": [
            "category": "string",
            "category_name": "string",
            "id": "integer"
    "click_session_lifespan": "integer",
    "cpc_rate": "string",
    "created_at": "string",
    "currency": "string",
    "currency_details": {},
    "description": "string",
    "enforce_geo_targeting": "boolean",
    "excerpt": "string",
    "geo_targets": [
    "geo_targets_details": [
            "country": "string",
            "country_name": "string",
            "id": "integer"
    "goals": "string",
    "has_coupons": "boolean",
    "has_products": "boolean",
    "id": "string",
    "is_access_limited": "string",
    "is_featured": "boolean",
    "logo_thumbnail": "string",
    "offer_access": "string",
    "policy_cashback": "boolean",
    "policy_coupons": "boolean",
    "policy_email_marketing": "boolean",
    "policy_incentivized": "boolean",
    "policy_search_marketing": "boolean",
    "policy_social_media": "boolean",
    "preview_url": "string",
    "stats": {},
    "status": "string",
    "status_name": "string",
    "terms": "string",
    "title": "string"


Name Type Description Additional
categories[] array of string

Choose a predefined Offer Category for easy navigation by the Publishers to find an Offer in a particular Category.

categories_details[] array Optional
categories_details[].category string Optional
categories_details[].category_name string Optional
categories_details[].id integer Optional
click_session_lifespan integer

Choose the number between 1-365 days in which network's cookie is active on a users browser from the time they click on the publisher tracking link. The network and publisher will only get credit for the sale if it happens within the Cookie Lifespan.

cpc_rate string Optional
created_at string Optional
currency string Optional
currency_details object Optional
description string

The Offer Description enables you to enter any pertinent information about the offer. It is recommended to add details about the product or service that is associated to the offer.

enforce_geo_targeting boolean

Restrict offer to selected Countries. If enabled, users that do not match Geo Targeting and there is not a matching offer in group(s), users will receive white screen. If disabled, non targeting users will be redirected to offer URL.

excerpt string

Short Offer description

geo_targets[] array of string Optional
geo_targets_details[] array Optional
geo_targets_details[].country string Optional
geo_targets_details[].country_name string Optional
geo_targets_details[].id integer Optional
goals string Optional
has_coupons boolean Optional
has_products boolean Optional
id string Optional
is_access_limited string Optional
is_featured boolean Optional
logo_thumbnail string Optional
offer_access string Optional
policy_cashback boolean Optional
policy_coupons boolean Optional
policy_email_marketing boolean Optional
policy_incentivized boolean Optional
policy_search_marketing boolean Optional
policy_social_media boolean Optional
preview_url string

The Preview URL is a link Publishers can use to view the landing page of an offer. It is recommended to remove any Advertiser or Network tracking information from this URL link so it does not record any click information or set a cookie. This preview URL is shown to publishers in their interface. Tracking information should only be included on the Default Offer URL

stats object Optional
status string

Possible values are:

  • pending
  • enabled
  • disabled
  • deleted
  • pending_shutdown
status_name string Optional
terms string Optional
title string

The Offer Title will be used for the Network, Advertisers and Publishers to identify the specific offer within the application.